Corporate Advisory Firm Services

xaA corporate advisory firm delivers advice on financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, strategic advice, debt advice and all matters related to corporate governance.

These services are offered to organizations big and small so that they may be able to deal with the fast paced changes that take place in the business environment and stay ahead of competition.

How to choose a good corporate advisory firm?

Choosing a corporate advisory firm is not easy and most organizations find it to be a daunting task. Finding a firm that meets your specific needs and requirements can be difficult. You need to take many things into consideration before you choose a firm that matches your expectations.

    • Experience – One of the first things that you need to look for when choosing corporate advisory firm is their experience. Does the firm have a record of successful transactions? What is the value of transactions that the firm has advised on? Do they have the capability of managing transactions of big size? What is the average transaction value and what are the largest and smallest transactions successfully completed? These questions can help in determining

The Benefits of Venturing in Online Business Travel

Doctor and businessman shaking hands

Doctor and businessman shaking hands

Nowadays, it is hard to watch a TV program without seeing a commercial for a vacation deal. Same thing goes for when you are browsing the Internet. How many times have you seen a side bar advertisement for an online booking for a trip? One glaring fact is that in the past few years, we have seen a boom in the travel industry. People are more inclined to travel these days than they were in the past. A lot of factors have spurred this, but the most apparent insight is that there is a lot of opportunity in the travel business industry.

For starters, people are more inclined to travel these days because of the cost of traveling has decreased compared to how it was before. People thought it was more affordable now, more than ever. It also helps that the last decade saw an increase in what a regular household makes-people now have dispensable income, and allocating some of it for travel does not really affect their budget. Aside from financial factors,

Small Business Tips

Businessman with a strategy plan to be successful in his business

Every small business has the potential to grow and expand. This is every business owners’ dream come true. Sometimes, small businesses need a sense of direction or advice from sources more experienced than them. When looking for small business tips, you can always get some from experienced entrepreneurs. These are individuals who have been in business for a long time and have managed to overcome many challenges.

Small business forums are another excellent choice when you need small business tips. You get to socialize and exchange ideas with other business owners. If you have a question, there are people willing to help and give you answers. You also get to know other individuals who are in a similar business as you are. They can give you support if your business is going through some challenges and even help you overcome them. Everyone has their own definition of small business tips. You have to learn to differentiate what can work for your business and what may not apply.

However, there are general business tips that many successful

Gold watches (time market maker)

Few think about what day, what time of day and what hour enter into a transaction. Often, most beginners trades in mood when the wake up whenever you want and so on, except when the right, regardless of the existence of such a valuable resource as time. And if you remember the training lectures about forex trading tips for success, then from there you can extract a lot of useful information that we at one time did not pay enough attention. In this case, the trading session. There are only four:

  • Asian: 4:00 (MSK).
  • European: 11:00 (MSK). The best time to trade.
  • American: 15:30 (MSK).
  • Pacific: 23:00 (MSK)

Each session has its own trading currency pairs, which signified in-session time there is real movement, when the market maker moves the market:

  • Asian: Yen crosses with the yen.
  • Europe: the euro, pound, franc, Canadian and Australian dollars.
  • American: all dollar pairs.
  • Pacific: New Zealand and Australian dollars.

According to a strong Japanese yen jumps prices may occur at the opening of the Asian session, due to the frequent holding of the Bank of Japan currency intervention.

The most liquid currency instruments are traded on the European and American sessions. In the European session, the increased volatility observed within two to three

Two Things to Consider When Installing Perimeter Barriers

Concrete security barriers are used to regulate and control gatherings, whether big or small. The history of these barriers began in Belgium, when a French photographer in the late 1800s, who was also a balloonist, used temporary barriers to keep visitors away from the balloon. Ever since, modern day barriers came into existence and they have found extensive use in commercial venues too.

The Physical and Psychological Effect of Perimeter Security

Maintaining site safety is one of the basic necessities of any big infrastructures. It should always come first on the checklist especially when those sites need constant perimeter checks. To maintain restricted access, any site must have an effective perimeter barrier so as to prevent unauthorized entry. Installing these barriers not only gives additional physical protection to the site, but it also gives a psychological protection. The reason for this is that physical barriers give psychological deterrent to anyone who sees it. One such example is if a person passed by a nuclear plant installed with nuclear power plant security barriers and perimeter protection along with a “keep out” sign, most likely people who are unauthorized will think twice before entering the premises. Knowing how to provide the right perimeter barrier

Why You Should Ditch Your Old Corporate Uniforms Supplier

x3The key benefits of switching over your corporate uniforms supplier.

You’ve likely been working with your current corporate uniform supplier for many, many years. Maybe you started sourcing your uniforms from them by walking into their shop, and now you place your new orders over the phone or through a special login via their website.

But there are far better ways of sourcing your corporate uniforms. There’s no need to stick with a process just because it’s the way that you always have done things. Here’s what you’re missing out on.

Do it all online

We do all the rest of our shopping online, so why wouldn’t we shop for our corporate uniforms online? If you’re still putting in new orders over the phone – or even worse, going into the store in person – then it’s time to switch up your habits.

Shopping online really is too much of a convenience to overlook in any area of your life (or your business), and its time to get rid of all your legacy systems that are just not keeping up with the times.

Save money

The beauty of going through an

Office Uniforms Yes or No

We round up the benefits and drawbacks of switching to corporate uniforms in your office.

Although it’s not yet a hugely common part of the office environment, office uniforms are gaining traction as a great alternative to a simple corporate office dress code. No longer daggy and outdated, corporate workwear makes for a smart choice for companies looking to project a clean, unified company image.

But are they really a better option? Is it worth switching over from a free dress workplace? We get to the bottom of whether uniforms in the office are as good of an idea as they sound.

Reasons why corporate uniforms work:

Your staff save money on the cost of updating their wardrobes
You can easily identify who is on the floor that isn’t a staff member
You can be assured of staff adherence to dress codes
You present a unified company image to clients and customers
You can claim the cost of the uniforms back on your tax

Seems like a good idea, right? Well okay, now let’s check out some of the reasons why you shouldn’t get them for comparison then, shall we?

Reasons why you shouldn’t have corporate clothing:
Your staff like to express their individuality through their

Effective Meetings Require Time

Do you find that your organization faces the same problems and challenges year after year, with no resolution? Do you discuss the same issues concerns, people, and customers month after month? Do you find that right when you are getting to the heart of the matter in the middle of an important debate or topic, your meeting is over, and you have to postpone to some later date? Do you create goals and plans that do not come to fruition? Do you see this trend every meeting? These are typical results when you do not spend enough time meeting with your leadership team.

Cons of Not Properly Setting Aside Time for Effective Meetings

Have you considered the amount of time, productivity, and growth you have lost by not setting aside enough time to properly make decisions, to debate and resolve issues, to align priorities and to hold leaders accountable? By avoiding meetings, critical decisions do not get made or are made poorly. Meetings give you a time to discuss priorities. Failure to debate priorities and work through issues can bring organizations to a standstill. Leaders wait until the next meeting or for a final decision, allowing your competition the opportunity to thrust

World Class Integrated Business Planning Blueprint

Markets that 21st century organizations compete in are increasingly dynamic, complex battlefields. Financial success in such battlefields hinges on developing new levels of planning, execution, and continuous improvement capabilities. With this basic principle in mind, and building on lessons learnt from helping hundreds of global corporations deal with operational complexity and variability, we have formulated a unique set of process & technology innovations. We call this set of innovations the mPower system for Integrated Business Planning.

What are the capabilities that mPower provides to help an organization become world class at IBP?

A typical global corporation is competing in multiple market segments simultaneously (multiple product categories, different market regions). Let us consider each “market segment” that the corporation competes in as a battlefield. The objectives for the market segment can be different at different points of time, ranging from share growth to profit harvesting. Each market segment has different needs and requires specific strategies around product (features, variety, cost, time to market), marketing (launch, advertisement & promotion vehicles, pricing), sales (different channel types, distribution reach), and supply chain (cost, order lead times, flexibility and product configurability). The mPower approach calls for a management system that drives the decision making across R&D, Marketing,

How to Think Differently in Business

To hit gold in business, you have to think gold. What is your business all about? How do you intend to maximize profits? Here are tips on how to think different in business:

Think back to the future

Don’t wait till the harsh business storm hits your business; rather, always think of what to do better or next. For example, what are the things you need to put in place to ensure business growth? What stage is your business on the business chart, that is, in areas of development, growth or decline? Is your business vision realistic? What is your current profit margin? What is your intended profit margin? How do you intend to speed up your productivity? Evaluating your business, keeps you prepared for the future.

Believe your ideas are valuable

Always think your glass is half full. Think about possibilities not only about likely constraints. As a business owner, you have to nurture a positive mental attitude; believe things will work out fine. If there are possible risks, device means to avoid or manage them. Risks are unforeseen, but you can plan ahead to avoid or mitigate them. Being positive in business enables you take a chance on yourself, be bold to

24 Down Jackets When All I Want Is a Pair of Wellies

Whilst half of the UK has been battening down the hatches for the last 2 months the highstreet has been facing problems of its own. There are strong arguments that increasing city sprawl and urban developments are creating the flooding that many now face on an annual basis.

Has the retail sector created its own perfect storm through extensive outsourcing of production, resulting in increasingly long, complex supply chains and considerable lead times?

One of the iconic images during last year’s floods was the house owner in Somerset who built levees around his house, and in doing so kept the flood waters at bay. The same was not possible at places like Boscastle where entire communities were destroyed. The individual with the creative mind and resources to react to the rising waters was able to do so yet towns and villages with massive resources are unable to save themselves.

Looking at the big names in retail who are reporting disappointing results this winter it is the same old big players who are established in the market. Their buyers will have confirmed the winter stock back in the summer with containers taking 6-8 weeks to get to the UK, during that time the Met

Don’t Sign That Lien Release!


We, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the amounts stated below as full payment for all labor, professional services, materials, or equipment furnished for use on or about the property of… ”

In construction, lien releases are common. Project owners expect their general contractor to execute them. GCs demand them from their subcontractors and suppliers. They are part of the routine. If you want to get paid, you sign it. But when should you not sign it? Let’s look at what a lien release does, and when you should be cautious about executing.

The Purpose of Lien Releases

Typically, a lien release is required in connection with a monetary payment. It comes up in any of these situations:

  • Monthly payment made from project owner to the general contractor
  • Monthly payment from GC to a sub or suppliers.
  • Final contract payments to any of these

Normally, when contractors and suppliers are unpaid, they can file a lien (a security interest) against the title of the physical property. The lien release / waiver gives up these rights and possibly other legal remedies.

Lien releases come in two basic flavors, and it is very important to recognize the difference between them.

The good one: Conditional


How Predictable and Consistent Is Your Profit Growth Rate

Two important measurements of the health of your business are the predictability and consistency of your revenue growth rate. If someone were to ask you “What was the growth rate in your profit in each of the last 3 years?”; “What was it last quarter?”; and “What was the growth rate in the comparable quarter last year?”, could you answer those questions quickly and without stumbling? Many business owners are not tracking these crucial statistics, so when they give me their answer and I check the numbers, they are usually far off. When I ask them, “How predictable and consistent is your profit growth rate?”, I hear all kinds of stories as to why there are too many variables. Great companies are able to reliably predict their revenue and are rewarded handsomely when they are ready to sell.

Predictable and Consistent Profits Influence Stakeholders in Different Ways!

Failure to have predictable and consistent profit is a key indicator that means different things to different stakeholders.

• Employees – It causes more job uncertainty, lower trust in leadership, and less feeling of stability. This can lead to higher turnover, less productivity, and lower employee engagement.

• Banking – The less predictable and consistent your profit,

How Do You Find Your Purpose?

If yours is like many organizations, you and your competitors are trying to serve a similar purpose to your respective clients. That is true if you look only at the surface. It is how you see the challenge of purpose that counts. Most times I find leaders trapped in a box. That box revolves around existing products and services and does not consider the problems and challenges of people they want to serve.

By finding your organization’s unique purpose, you can move with the changing needs of your customers and evolve your products and services. Too often business leaders are trying to force the external world to buy what they want to sell. What they fail to consider is whether what they want to sell is a real need, and whether there is already too much supply solving that need. If the need is already well served or overserved, then pumping more supply into the market without identifying and addressing a new critical need for their buyers will surely result in a painful journey for them and their colleagues.

5 Lenses of Purpose

When working with leaders to assist in their strategic planning session, we work on defining purpose. A common challenge is

Reasons to Consider Mechanical Ventilation in Your High Rise Structure

When it comes to building a high rise structure, whether it’s an office building in the heart of the city or a block of flats on the outskirts of town, you will find that introducing mechanical ventilation can be highly beneficial. Ventilation improves air quality and in buildings where opening windows is a recipe for disaster due to the height, the architect and construction company need to come up with new ways to introduce clean and fresh air into the space.

The first reason you are going to want to consider mechanical ventilation for your building is for the improved indoor air quality. Remember you need to focus on adding ventilation during the building stage. The installation team should work closely with your project manager to ensure that everything happens together to reduce the risk of unwelcome building delays.

The focus of this type of ventilation is to remove allergens from the air. It eliminates pollutants and moisture, leaving everyone inside with clean, crisp and fresh air which is completely safe to breathe. When you are in an enclosed space for long periods, the air can become stale, this can lead to allergies, breathing issues and leave people feeling tired. With fresh

How to Plan a Successful Hotel Grand Opening

If you’re planning to have a grand opening of your hotel grand, you must make sure it gives an amazing impression for all the right reasons. Here are the top 3 tips to make sure a successful launch event.

Tip1: Share your vision

This may look to be obvious, but getting the answer- “What, Who, When, Why, Where” cannot be more crucial to the launch of a successful event. The question- “why” is particularly vital because, in the end, if you don’t know the reason for organizing the event, you are much less probable to achieve your goals.

Good events don’t happen by themselves; it takes a strong army of partners & vendors to get the “wow factor”. Share the clear vision with your team, so that they can help you increase the overall experience and eventually assist you achieving your goals.

Tip 2: Highlight the existing features of your hotel

In several instances, event planners concentrate on fully transforming a space to build an impressive event experience which your guests will remember. For a grand hotel opening, you should look for a fine balance between developing an exceptional brand experience, while at the same time encouraging the existing features of the hotel without overriding

4 Types Of Air Filters

If you have a car you know how important an air filter is. The unit delivers clean oxygen to the engine thus increasing not only the engine’s torque and horsepower, but also its fuel efficiency. Due to the important role served by the units, you have to buy the best for your car. Air filters are of different types and you need to be careful for you to buy the right one. Here are 4 of the most common types that you can go for:


These units offer filtration and air flow. They are loved by many as they are durable. If well taken care of, they can last the entire life of the vehicle. The best way of taking care of them is regularly cleaning them with the manufacturer’s recommended filter cleaning kit.

There are of two types of gauze air filters: oil based and dry. Oil based gauze air filters filter better than their dry counterparts. Their main flaw is that you have to oil them for them to filter air. While dry gauze filters don’t need to be oiled, they aren’t as effective as oil-based filters.

Performance filters

These are reusable units that you can buy from your local store. While

These 5 Business Tips Will Increase Your Success

A lot of business people are sitting around scratching their heads wondering, “what happened to my business?”

  • You’re living on an overdraft that’s overdrawn.
  • You’re family and friends keep wondering if you’re ever going to “make it work”.
  • You’re ‘friendly bank manager’ is not so friendly anymore.
  • The few customers you worked so hard to win are disappearing or ‘extending their line of credit’ indefinitely.

So what did happen? A global economic meltdown is “what happened” and things are going to be tough for a while.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and there is opportunity in these times for smart business people who are ready to dig deep and swim against the tide of despair.

Is That YOU?

If that is you – if you’re ready to use this ‘downtime’ to improve your business competitiveness, offer better value and sharpen your focus on your market then read these 5 business tips
I have chosen for you 5 business tips (out of almost 80) that I used to improve my business. These tips, can make or save you money starting today:

  1. Most (if not all of your competitors) are suffering the same way

Business Travel Security Good Practice

Travelling, especially abroad, inevitably takes people out of their familiar environment. Additionally, when travelling for business purposes the travellers themselves often have to contend with a busy schedule and the effects of jet lag, all in a sometimes alien climate and foreign language. Given the pressures on businesses to be efficient it is very often the case that business travel planning is rushed and business travel security is neglected or ignored completely. It is only when an incident occurs that the importance of business travel security becomes apparent and by then it is too late.

It is always better to prevent problems than have to deal with them and observing business travel security good practice can provide peace of mind and allow business people to focus on their core business tasks. This brings benefits to both the employers and travellers themselves. The employers can show that they have exercised a duty of care towards their staff and be confident that they have taken reasonable steps to protect their company assets, human, physical and critical information. The individual business traveller can benefit from enhanced personal safety as well as ensuring the protection of their personal data by following

The Success Gap Between Business Opportunities and Learning and Training

If you are tired of all the bad news about the economy and want to generate cash from home then take a look at this… Why? It works. I have worked as an educational coach helping youth graduate high school and go to college and the number ONE problem they have is NO MONEY..and it is the same for their parents. Everyone is looking for a job which is not a problem as I have one but hardly anyone knows about this or they are not willing to use the information I am providing you.

I don’t have time for hype or hoopla. Too many people are hurting out here financially. I train individuals how to earn money online legitimately and honestly. I can not take the chance of someone in the educational community finding my information and it not be legit. That is like hurting my career..and that is something I am not willing to do.

However I am confident about this way of earning. Why? Earlier I said it works so I do not want to be vague so I will share with you. You see ads all of the time that attract